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Six advantages of colored stone metal roof

Color stone metal roof is an upgraded product of asphalt shingles. Why is it an upgraded product? Everyone knows that asphalt shingles are mainly made of asphalt. Asphalt will flow in summer and crack in winter. The service life is about 10-15 years, and the color stone metal tile is made of galvanized steel plate as the raw material, which solves this problem well. Below, the editor will introduce the six advantages of colored stone metal roof .

1. Amazing economy:
Because of its light weight and large area, the metal roof is convenient to use, and greatly reduces the cost of logistics, transportation and construction. The superior workability and low construction cost will bring you amazing economic benefits. A general residence with 2 workers in 3- The metal tile installation can be completed in 5 days.
  2. Lightweight roof material:
  Metal roof is only 1/6 of the weight of traditional tile or cement tile, which is easy to handle, store, use, etc., so it can save construction time and construction costs.
  3. Simple construction:
  The weight of metal roof is very light, and it is easy to cut and cut, so it is suitable for various types of buildings, especially on large slope roofs or high-rise buildings, which can be safely constructed and can be repeated. Because of its light weight, metal tiles will not bring heavy pressure to the building. Any roof can be repeated on the original roof tiles as long as the hanging tiles are fixed. On the contrary, cement tiles and clay tiles are heavy because of their own weight. Therefore, repeated construction will cause a great threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes and strong winds.
   4. Good fire resistance:
  Metal tile is a roofing material made of galvanized steel sheet and natural stone. It has strong fire resistance, so it can reduce the loss caused by fire.
   5. Resistance to hail and earthquakes:
  Storm with hail is a natural terroir phenomenon. Metal tiles are attracting attention because they can protect buildings from hail or storms. Earthquakes can cause great property losses, more because of the roof structure and the weight of the tiles. Lightweight metal can reduce the weight of the building structure. Therefore, it has excellent resistance to strong earthquakes. ?
   6. Fight against heavy rain:
  Using metal tiles do not have to worry about roof leaks. Metal roof are roof tiles that can be used safely in places where the rainy season lasts.

7. Wind resistance:
Although metal roof are only 1/6 the weight of other traditional tiles, its design and construction technology can fully illustrate the principle of resisting storms. Compared with those vertical roofs, the horizontal overlap design of each metal tile can resist cyclones and Gale. Asphalt shingles are made of glass fiber mat as the carcass. After being dipped and coated with high-quality petroleum asphalt, one side is covered with colored mineral pellets, and on the other hand, it is a tile-like roof waterproof sheet made of insulating materials. It has good waterproof, It features rich decoration functions and colors, various forms, light weight, fine surface, and easy construction.
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