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Do you know the history of stone-coated metal roofs?

A stone-coated metal roof is made of steel or some other metal; the metal is then coated with stone chips and attached to the steel with an acrylic film. Our goal is to make roofs more durable while still retaining the aesthetic benefits of traditional roofing materials
Stone-coated metal roofing was refined during and after World War II in the UK, when the government mandated materials that would protect corrugated steel roofs from harsh weather. A coating of asphalt then made of sand, stone or other materials has been shown to be effective in protecting metal roofs and used as camouflage against potential attacks.
In 1954, L.J. Fisher, an American industrialist from New Zealand, acquired the rights to produce stone-coated metal roofs outside the United Kingdom. The company he founded, AHI Roofing, has the largest metal roofing factory in the world and continues to make changes to metal roofing products.
Advantages of stone roofs
Appearance: Stone roofs have a beautiful appearance, therefore, architects highly recommend them for an attractive appearance and great design.
Strength: Stone roofs are strong, durable, and have more durability than traditional roofs.
Water Resistance: They are waterproof so they can withstand harsh weather changes.
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