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Color stone metal tile or resin tile which is better

More and more roofing tile products appear on the market. At present, there are two popular new material roofing tile products: colored stone metal tile and resin tile. However, although many people have a certain degree of understanding of these two products, which roof tile product is the best? There is no clear concept, and it is very good to see the propaganda. I can also responsibly say that both products are very good. Here is a brief understanding of the two roofing tile products:

Color stone metal tile is based on an aluminized zinc steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance, which is not easy to corrode and has excellent ductility. It is bonded to the surface of the aluminum-zinc-plated steel plate and then baked at high temperatures to make it more firm. The surface color of the sand is not easy to fade after being baked at a high temperature of up to 800 °C, and the density is high and not easy to break. To isolate the air, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, waterproof, and so on. With its long service life (generally more than 30 years of warranty), high-end, atmospheric, high-grade, and its shape fully in line with the domestic market's aesthetic concept for roof tiles, etc. Disadvantages: pay attention to the treading position during installation, and the tiles may be stepped on. If it is dented, it needs to be restored in time. It is suitable for villas, medium and high-end communities, hotels, museums, wooden houses/timber structures, light steel houses, etc. It belongs to medium and high-end roof tiles.

Resin tiles, as the name implies, are made of resin. The resin has good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy, strong plasticity, and excellent anti-corrosion performance. The resin is added with dyes and some other materials (the process of each manufacturer is different. As mentioned above, the higher the resin composition, the better the quality of the resin tile. Some manufacturers cut corners and shoddy filling is more serious), stir evenly, soften by high-temperature heating, and form various shapes through the mold. Finish. Resin tiles are generally guaranteed for 20 years. The service life varies greatly due to different materials and processes. The service life ranges from 10 years to 30 years. It has strong toughness, high construction flexibility, fast construction speed, convenient transportation, and low cost. Disadvantages: It will age over time, and the color will fade after a long time (good quality will slowly fade, and poor quality will fade to white in a few months), widely used in workshops, carports, private houses, sentry boxes, breeding Greenhouses, and other buildings belong to low-end products.

Which one is better, colored stone metal tile or resin tile? After reading the above information, I believe everyone can know it in their hearts. Is it not a good product? Both products are very good, but what is your purpose? How long do you use it? What is your mental budget? If you are just building a car shed, there is no need to use colored stone metal tiles. The car shed is very uncontrollable, and you often face problems such as illegal construction, demolishing and building a house, buying a house with a garage, demolition, etc., It is enough to use resin tiles, and it is convenient that if you have a building foundation, you can remodel the carport yourself. I hope everyone can buy the products they like, what kind of products are used in what position and make the best use of them.

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