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Why are colored sand metal roof so popular?

With the development of the times, the tiles have also undergone great changes. From traditional tiles to colored-sand metal roof, colored-sand metal roof are very popular nowadays, so why are colored-sand metal roof so popular? ?

1. Compared with the traditional tile type, the price is much more expensive, but it greatly saves installation time and installation labor costs, the service life is also greatly extended, and the grade is also high. Combining various factors, the colored sand metal roof can be called the king of cost performance.
2. Compared with glazed tiles, clay tiles and cement tiles, colored sand metal roof are light in weight, easy to design and construct, reduce the weight of buildings, and reduce damage in the event of an earthquake; and greatly reduce the waste of land resources, conforming to the country New building materials for land protection policy. At the same time, it can be reused and is the best choice for green energy saving and environmental protection.
  3. Compared with resin shingle asphalt shingles, colored sand metal shingles have a service life of up to 50 years and can withstand various extreme weather conditions. At the same time, it is 100% flame retardant, which can reduce the damage caused by fire.
  4. Compared with the most similar colored steel tile, the colored sand on the colored sand metal roof gives it more colors and textures, which can present different architectural styles, and is the first choice for middle and high-end buildings.
The characteristics of colored sand metal roof

Earthquake resistance-When an earthquake occurs, the metal roof will not fall off like normal tiles, reducing injuries.
Lightweight-light weight, reducing the weight of the building.
Convenience of construction-light weight, large area, simple accessories, greatly reducing the construction intensity and shortening the construction time.
Economical type-construction on the roof of an old building, without removing any roofing materials, can be directly constructed, minimizing waste disposal costs.
  The colored sand metal tile has the characteristics of weather resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, and non-combustibility. The product is based on galvanized steel sheet and treated with multi-layer protective film, which can withstand severe weather such as severe cold, hail, storm, rain and snow, and extreme heat, earthquakes, and natural disasters, without cracking and aging. , It burns in fire and blows up by wind, and has a long service life.
   The above is an introduction to the relevant knowledge of colored sand metal tiles. The colored sand metal tiles have so many advantages, and of course they will attract many users.
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