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The difference between color stone metal roof and other roof tiles

Color stone metal roof belongs to a new type of high-grade metal tile roof tile. Like other roof tiles, color stone metal roof also needs its own market. So what is the difference between metal tile and other roof tiles, and where is its advantage? Woolen cloth?

Advantages of color stone metal roof : Lightweight roof material, the color stone metal roof made of aluminized zinc plate is only 1/6 of the ordinary cement tile, which is convenient for transportation and construction, thus saving construction time and cost. The unique metal roof roof structure can be suitable for different weather and play a protective role. It can effectively resist heavy snow, heavy rain and hail. The colored stone metal roof roof structure has the functions of fire resistance and earthquake resistance, which can prevent breakage, slippage, and is not easy to curl. It has excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Colored stone metal roof are French-style hard-covered bungalows based on traditional tile styles, combined with neoclassicism, to create an expensive but not expensive "European and American" architectural style, which is elegant, noble and romantic, and brings people a European-style garden. General living comfort. In western developed countries, metal roof have long been popular and occupy a dominant position in the market. In recent years, metal roof have also been widely used in roofs in developed coastal cities in my country. The advantages of metal roof have been revealed undoubtedly, and will become an indispensable part of life in the future.

  Metal color stone tile should be the most economical and ideal roof tile so far. The base material is made of high-strength, high-corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet, and the surface is made of high-weather-resistant natural colored stone particles, so it is not afraid of falling or smashing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, flame retardant, waterproof, and the service life exceeds More than 30 years.

  Color stone metal roof are suitable for various styles and structures of sloped roof construction projects: new steel structure villas, wooden structure houses, concrete structure houses, seaside holiday villas, sightseeing parks, tourist attractions and other projects. It is also suitable for the flat to slope of the original building, the renovation and reconstruction of the old roof, and the partial decoration of the building.

  The color stone metal roof uses environmentally friendly materials, which will not have a negative impact on people and the environment, and the materials can be completely recycled and reused. Therefore, it is widely used in villas, townhouses, apartments, clubs, flat slopes and various high-rise buildings and public buildings.

Based on its unique horizontal nailing installation method, the precise overlap and fastening of the colored stone metal tiles make the roof stronger and avoid the possibility of roof collapse. At the same time, it has strong resistance to strong wind, heavy snow, and heavy rain.
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